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Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014, is National Adoption Day. In courtrooms across the country, judges will finalize adoptions for foster children who will join their forever families. Many older children remain in foster care awaiting placement into a loving home.  Often these children have spent a great deal of time in foster care and long for a permanent home to call their own. At Nebraska Children’s Home Society (NCHS), we place children needing permanency with families that are willing and able to make a child a forever part of their family.

NCHS invites the community to help in our endeavor to raise adoption awareness. We recognize adoptive families, foster families, children who are adopted, children waiting to be adopted and the women and men who have made the loving decision to place their children for adoption.

NCHS adoption facts:

Last year NCHS facilitated 31 foster care adoptions and 40 infant adoptions.  Since 2000, NCHS has handled 765 adoptions. While the average cost for adoption can range from $15,000 to $40,000 or even more, NCHS is the only agency in the country that does not charge fees. Throughout its history the agency has relied on support from individuals, corporations and foundations committed to the welfare of children.   The majority of NCHS services are privately funded. Every program is subsidized with private donor dollars. NCHS trains and educates prospective adoptive and foster families.



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