Foster Care Services

Family Preparation
and Support

As families and individuals prepare to move forward with foster care, we provide a variety of services to ensure children receive loving care in a safe environment from people they trust — and that the caregivers feel informed and supported.  


Foster Care & Kinship Family Training

Nebraska Children’s Home Society provides expert, ongoing training to family members, close friends and foster parents who are assuming a caregiving role.

Home Study & Licensing

Our social workers will walk prospective foster parents through their home study and licensing procedures, helping them to ensure an efficient, successful process.

24/7 Support

Any individual or family working with Nebraska Children’s Home Society to provide foster care can count on 24/7 support from our highly trained team of social workers, foster care experts and advocates, as well as ongoing mentorship.


Melanie Nicely
Recruitment and Matching Specialist

Tri-City Area
Lacie Wojtalewicz
Foster Care and Resource Development Specialist

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