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The adoption process is incredibly rewarding, but it can also feel complex and overwhelming. We work closely with adoptive parents to provide guidance and support, every step of the way.


Information Sharing Meeting

As the first step in our Adoption Program, the Information Sharing Meeting is an opportunity for those interested in pursuing infant adoption through NCHS to get to know our agency philosophy and processes. These meetings are held in different locations and times across the state.

ADOPT Training 1 and 2

A Day of Parent Training (ADOPT) 1 and 2 consists of two days of training that prospective adoptive parents are invited to attend. Information and education on topics inherent to adoption are presented, along with information on the legal aspects as they pertain to Nebraska. It includes panels of experienced families and information on the importance of open adoption relationships. This required training is held in different locations and times across the state.

PREPARE Support Group

Available across Nebraska, our PREPARE support groups are designed for couples that have been approved or are in the process of being approved for an adoption. PREPARE groups focus on social and networking opportunities, as well as education. Please contact your local NCHS office if you want to be involved with a PREPARE group.

Extended Family Workshop

An important part of our educational efforts at Nebraska Children’s Home Society includes educating all members of the adoption circle on openness. We offer Extended Family Workshops as one means of educating family members on adoption – from the process to future needs.


Betty Wilson
Adoption Intake Coordinator

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