Mental Health Services

Clinical Counseling Services are available through our Post Adoption Services Center which is housed at NCHS’s Joshua Collingsworth Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. Any family formed through adoption is eligible for these services.

The Post Adoption Services Center is the access point for the following services:
•Information, education, and support to help families anticipate issues, behaviors and concerns that are normal for those who are members of the adoption circle;
•Early identification and assessment of problems that interfere with healthy development or may even threaten the stability of the family;
•Resources to help individuals cope with emotional and behavioral stressors;
•Assistant to families at time of crisis;
•Screening and assessment services and recommendations based on the findings;
•Short term behavioral health intervention if needed;
•Connections to specialized services as needed;
•On-going support and education through support groups for families that face challenges; and
•Training and consultation to other professionals regarding adoption related factors that may impact children and families in the schools, the courts, or behavioral health treatment.

The above services are available at no cost to members of the adoption circle, birth family, adoptive parents and adopted persons. For more information contact the Joshua Collingsworth Center at (402) 483-7879.