A plan for the unplanned.

Upholding adoption as a positive way of growing families continues to be a primary mission of Nebraska Children’s Home Society since 1893. Every member involved in the adoption process has one simple and common goal: putting the needs of the child first.

If you are considering placing your child for adoption we can help you make a plan.

At Nebraska Children’s Home Society, we believe that every woman and man experiencing an unplanned pregnancy should have the opportunity to learn about adoption. Much thought, planning and love go into making a child’s adoption plan. We will provide you with up-to-date information on adoption, and life-long support, so you can make the best plan for your child and for you. Our services are confidential and without any obligations; we promote your right to choose.

Adoption services include:

  • Education on parenting and adoption
  • Developing an adoption plan, including the opportunity to choose, meet with, and develop a relationship with the adoptive family
  • Education about your legal rights and responsibilities
  • Birth parent support groups
  • Opportunities to meet and talk with women and men who have placed their child for adoption or who are considering placing their child for adoption
  • Connections to resources in your community