News Releases


  • “1893 to 2014. 121 years. Thousands of children and families positively impacted. The one constant throughout the 120 wonderful years of Nebraska Children’s Home Society’s legacy is the quality and commitment of the people involved. You, and others like you, are the reason the Children’s Home continues to thrive. You are part of our 120-year success story. You are part of the NCHS extended family."

  • As autumn changes the colors of our beautiful Nebraska landscape, we pause to consider the future. The future not just for ourselves, but for our friends, our families and our communities. As we consider of our communities and our state, the future appears brighter in part because of the generosity of supporters who believe as we do, and as the Children’s Home’s founders did, that children thrive within their own safe and loving families.

    Your generous support helps make a positive difference for children and families in Nebraska.

  • Could this really be happening to me? I was a responsible 20 year old, got good grades and was half way through college out of state, when I learned that I was pregnant. Obviously, I had an immediate wakeup call and life as I knew it had changed. What do I do now?