Sometimes the Purest Moments in Life are Our Greatest Gifts

Before Calvin was born 11 weeks premature on July 2, 2007, his birthparents, Mo and Shawn, had decided that for them, adoption was the best path. Struggling college students, they knew that the best life for Calvin was in the home of Brian and Nancy. Brian and Nancy were looking for the open adoption that they felt would be the best for their child. Their experience in meeting Mo and Shawn, and the rollercoaster of emotions that would follow, only reaffirmed their feelings.
While Calvin lay in the neo-natal intensive care unit of the hospital for three months, both Brian and Mo’s mother began a quilt that would be used to tell Calvin the origins of his life. A family tree, the outline of the states where his family members were raised, hearts for each of his adoptive and birth parents, and the symbol of the Nebraska Children’s Home Society adorn the quilt. At the entrustment ceremony, with the quilt hanging from the fireplace mantel behind them, the parents and grandparents spoke of the bond that had developed between the families.
We never know when the next Calvin will enter someone’s life, someone’s family. As Brian summarizes the experience, “It comes from all sides. You can’t have too many people love this little guy.”
“Ours is a most amazing open adoption,” says Mo. “We wanted to be a part of a family and we have become one big wonderful family.”